Milestones Early Childhood Learning Center

The Milestones Early Childhood Learning Center is a 330 student, 22,000 SF child care facility, completed by DBC in December 2019

About this Project

During the project DBC and ownership navigated zoning amendments and City of Reno Special Use Permits required for the allowed zoning of the child care facility.

The project also included easement negotiations required for design and NDOT permitting and right of way construction. DBC self-performed the 22,000 SF framing package in house utilizing pre-fabbed modular construction.

DBC project management team modeled the framing package allowing crews to start wall assembly prior to foundation and slab construction. DBC also managed the manufactured truss design, procurement and installation.


Construction includes:

  • 13 age specific classrooms, including a large gym / multi-purpose room for functions and indoor play
  • Full commercial grade kitchen with type 1 hood and range, Ansel system.
  • Antifreeze sprinkler system throughout the building and canopy overhangs outside
  • Age specific plumbing fixtures including lower water closets and sinks for younger children
  • CMU wall envelop with 14′ sound wall enclosing the property to provide a sound barrier for residential
  • Self-performed framing, ACT ceiling, cabinet installation and finish carpentry.

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Classification: B General Building | Unlimited

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