Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

The Hell’s Kitchen project was awarded on September 3, 2019 with anticipated opening of late December 2019.

About this Project

Using a partnering approach, DBC, Caesars Management, and Project Architects overcame numerous unforeseen design issues. Construction duration was shortened by a month, however DBC and ownership worked together to ensure completion by the original delivery date, with improved design and quality of workmanship.

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen - Lake Tahoe
Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen - Lake Tahoe

DBC’s onsite team and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Facilities Management, developed an incredible working relationship to overcome difficult construction logistic obstacles. This resulted in on time deliveries with no affect to the Hotel / Casino daily operations. Along with the design team, DBC restored and re-utilized the historic and iconic existing hand-hewn wood beams within code, which were existential to the Gordon Ramsey design.

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Classification: B General Building | Unlimited

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen - Lake Tahoe

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