Choice One Property Azura Vascular Care

The COP / AVC project included a shell remodel and TI.

About this Project

The shell remodel included a new fire sprinkler service, fire separation ratings and to bring the existing building to code for a medical facility. Construction also included the installation of an emergency backup generator and it’s enclosure as well as upgraded electrical and gas services.

The tenant improvement for Azura Vascular Care included pre-screening/exam facility and outpatient operation/surgery center housed in the same building. The construction included:

– Operation surgery rooms

– Exam, vein room and clinic support

– Post and pre-op patient rooms

– Laboratory, clean and soiled utility

– MEP systems included med gas, humidification control, medical grade wiring and nurse call systems

– Coordination with local and state inspection agencies.

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Classification: B General Building | Unlimited

Our Commitment to Safety

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We have teamed up with Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. ( to make sure our workforce is safe and that we’re complying with all of the applicable OSHA regulations. Our employees have gone through their safety and health training, and understand that a world class safety program involves total company management. Everyone within our company knows that a job is never so urgent that we cannot take the time to preform our work safely.